Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome to the new website designed by no other than Chris Vetrano! Haha. Gonna have to get used to this whole blog posting thing. o.O What I really want to start doing to show my thanks, and appreciation to my circle… is start posting a weekly blog of a new artist to my website. That way they have a top spot on my site for a week. Today, I want to post my close friend Too Raps.

This guys determination is unreal. Despite any struggle he may be going through, he figures out a way to drop new music on a consistent basis.

Here’s a link to his soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/too-raps

I’ll get better at this over time… lol I’ll take the time to learn how to post people’s videos, embed songs etc for next weeks posts and things aren’t so busy around me! Stay up and enjoy my artist of the week!

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